Project Details


UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, Full-Stack Developer

Project Goal Introduction

The goal of this project was to redesign the previous website from scratch to enhance its marketing potential and generate more engagement. The client sought to implement online forms for job applications, client inquiries, and quotations, allowing for smoother lead collection and client interaction.

Client Background

The client, a Canadian accounting firm with 50-80 employees, specializes in accounting and taxation services for trucking companies and individuals within Canada.


Outdated Design: The existing website suffered from an outdated aesthetic, negatively impacting the company's image.
Limited Functionality: The lack of essential features like online forms hindered lead generation and streamlined communication.
Content Gaps: The client needed persuasive text content developed to complement the new design and features.
Open-Ended Scope: Flexibility in the project scope led to multiple rounds of revision.


I provided high-quality design and development, delivering a more optimized website and effective text content. The solution featured a custom-built admin panel, enabling seamless management of blog content, job applications, and client inquiries.


Designing: I conducted industry research to inform the development of user-focused wireframes and clear calls to action.
Development: The MERN stack (React.js and Node.js) facilitated a secure and dynamic website experience. The admin panel was designed with an intuitive UI for ease of use.
Deployment: The website was deployed on a reliable cloud platform for scalability and uptime. I provided ongoing support and made minor adjustments based on user feedback.


Enhanced Website: The client received a modern, professional website aligned with their brand.
Improved Functionality: The streamlined forms increased engagement and lead generation.
Efficient Content Management: The custom admin panel empowered the client to manage content and responses effortlessly.
Increased Reach: The client was thrilled to see a 30% increase in website traffic, translating to more potential clients and successful conversions.


This project successfully revitalized the client's online presence. The new website improved user experience, boosted lead generation, and streamlined the client's content management.

Technologies Used

MERN Stack, React.js, Node.js/Express.js, MongoDB, Figma